Proenergia Srl is the leading company in the area of renewable sources of energy, both for privates or companies. Focusing on PV( sigla per dire photovoltaic), the company develops integrated solutions and services with high added value, for the energy efficiency.

The firm, being highly dynamic, has the opportunity to offer its customer the best innovated and customized solution in order to achieve the selected target.

The continuous updating and the use of forefront technology aimed at energy savings, allow Progenia to provide an integrated service in full compliance of its mission.

Why choose Proenergia?

Those who choose Progenia Ltd for the desing and installation of a photovoltaic system can rely on:

  • the reliability of the material used
  • the certainty to be in professionals hands, whose stories and experiences testify respect for environment and attention to social and ethical issues
  • the guarantee of the knowledge of the Italian territory and national regulation, by those who propose the best quality
  • the competence to realized and deliver “turnkey” both private and business systems
  • the assurance of receiving the best consultancy, in order to turn your choice in a business and investment opportunity

Renewable energy

Sun, wind, sea and heat of the earth are generally considered ‘ renewable sources of energy’ as the current use of these, doesn’t affect their availability in the future.

Renewable sources are an expression of improving the quality of life.

The advantage is evident as focusing on clean energy, we can free ourselves from the burden of the bill and we can experiment advanced and new investment forms.



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